PlayFitt rewards your movement in the form of Grit and Pep. Complete your daily missions on the homepage everyday to collect your Grit and Pep. Step, stair and movement break missions are detected automatically through your phone. Squat and push-up missions are completed by pressing start, placing your phone in your pocket and then doing your squats/push-ups.

In the Marketplace, your Grit coins can be exchanged for rewards. Your Grit total will be displayed in the top right corner of the app. Use your Grit coins to maximize your PlayFitt performance with digital rewards like Grit Boosts or on gift cards.

Think of Pep points as your score, you are rewarded with Pep for your movements. Pep points are granted for completing daily and weekly missions. This means that Grit is no longer used to rank you on the leaderboard which gives everyone a fair advantage of making it to the top. Grit is rewarded when you flip a card and complete streaks. You can then use it to powerup your movement!

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