In order to ensure the app is correctly counting "flights", take note of the following:

Flights of Stairs
A flight of stairs, as counted by Apple Health, can be anywhere from 10-15 steps. 

Take breaks
The way that flights are counted requires you to stay at the top and bottom of the stairs for about 30 to 60 seconds to ensure that the sensors properly track that something has changed. So, if you're going up a flight of stairs and then instantly turning around and going back down, it will not register a flight of stairs.

Stairs are counted using a sensor called an "altimeter" in your phone, which measures altitude changes. Therefore, using a stair master machine at the gym will NOT be counted as flights since your altitude will stay constant (but it will count towards steps). On the other hand, a walk uphill will count as a flight of stairs given the change in altitude. Use it as an opportunity to go out and enjoy some fresh air!

Best strategy
The best way to make your stairs count is to go up a couple of flights of stairs, stay for 30 seconds to a minute then go back down, wait for 30s-1 minute and go back up and so on and so on.

Motion & Fitness access
Make sure PlayFitt has access to your Motion & Fitness tracker. Follow these steps to turn it on.

Important Note:

Stair count may vary depending on model of iPhone.

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