1. Lie stomach-down on the floor.

  2. Push your body up with your toes and your hands.

  3. Make sure your hands are underneath your shoulders and your back and glutes are aligned as much as possible.

  4. Start lowering your body towards the ground until your upper arms reach a 90-degree angle with the ground. Keep your arms aligned and close to your body. Make sure your hips are not dropping and engage your core and your glutes.

  5. Raise yourself up by pushing the ground until your arms are almost fully extended. Maintain your straight body position while you go up. 

Check out this youtube video to visualize what your push-ups should look like.

If you have difficulties with push-ups, we recommend starting with inclined push-ups to build up your strength. Choose a surface like a table or a bench to rest your arms and go through the motions as if you were on the ground. The lower the surface, the harder it will get. Check out this youtube video to visualize what your inclined push-ups should look like.

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