To make sure all your reps are counted by the automatic counter, try these tips:

Phone Placement:

  • Put your phone in your back pocket while doing squats or push-ups. If you do not have back pockets, try your front pockets. 

  • If you are wearing high waisted leggings, make sure that your phone is below your waist.

  • If you do not have any pockets, try putting your phone in your waistband. The phone should rest on your back with the long side of the phone aligned with your spine.

  • If you do not have a waistband, then your last option is to put your phone in a chest strap or a bra strap.

  • Generally, the more fitted your clothes are, the better the count. Your phone will follow your movements better and will be able to count your reps more accurately.

Turn your sound on:

  • Having your phones sound on ensures that the counter is working as you go. This can avoid wasting reps when you didn't tap the start button correctly or when you're not going deep enough for the counter to track your movements.

  • The counter is not always perfectly synchronized but will adjust once your exercise session is over. 

Form And Pace:

  • Make sure you are doing the movements slowly and with good form. Not only will it help get each rep counted, but it will also work your muscles more efficiently and prevent injuries. Slowing down will better isolate the muscle you’re working and make sure the right muscles are targeted. Check out these articles for tips on how to do proper squats and push-ups.

Try Smaller Sessions:

  • Another good practice is to shorten your sessions. Big sessions increase the risk of miscounting.

  • Avoid taking breaks while PlayFitt is recording your movements as this will affect the ability of the counter to track your reps correctly. Instead, do a couple of reps and end your workout. Take a breath and start again! As long as you are under the rep goal for the mission, you can always continue at a later time.

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